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​About Us 公司简介

永航旅游公司(Tranquil Travel Australia)

凭藉在旅游行业逾十七年的实践经验,立足于南澳的永航旅游公司(Tranquil Travel Australia)致力于打造资讯丰富丶形式多样丶自主灵活丶互动性强,集休闲娱乐丶生活体验于一体的一站式综合生态旅游与探索旅游项目。长期以来,公司为类型广泛的客户提供优质专业丶量身定制的旅游服务。


同时,永航旅行社拥有承接大型政府或商业代表团,体育赛事参赛队伍,以及大型摄制项目组的雄厚实力与经验。单是2015 -16财政年,永航旅行社就接待了:山东省政府考察团;山東省市長培訓團;浙江卫视“跑男(Running Man)”节目摄制组;第十二届亚洲龙舟锦标赛的中国国家代表队;第十届世界龙舟俱乐部锦标赛南京森林警察学院龙舟队等。



Adelaide City
TTA Office
City of Festival (Adelaide)
About Us 公司简介: Inner_about

All About Our Agency

Tranquil Travel Australia

Tranquil Travel Australia was formed in 1999, as a specialized travel and tourism service arranging travel for Chinese-speaking clients. We specialize in showcasing Australia to the Asian Markets such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. With many years experience in the travel industry Tranquil Travel Australia was set up with the object of creating informative and entertaining Eco-tours for large and small groups.


The business has since grown and diversified into a company renowned for providing quality, specialized tours to a broad client base, from individuals to large industry/academic/students groups. Tranquil Travel Australia is a preferred travel service provider for the region to governments in Asia, Wholesalers and business groups on official visits and leisure tours. Tranquil Travel Australia is also the preferred agent to many campaigns.


Tranquil Travel Australia has a proven successful history of tailoring specialized tours to both the budget minded and first class traveller wishing to experience the delights of Australia. We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide first class service. Company staff is chosen to meet the particular needs of our clients.


All staffs are bilingual (English / Japanese, English / Mandarin or English / Cantonese) and specially trained to ensure that all tours are relaxed, informative and memorable. A 24-hour/ 7 days support service is provided. Tranquil Travel Australia offers significant benefits to your clients, efficiency is paramount, and by using Tranquil Travel Australia we will manage the needs of your clients. We have a very strong working relationship with suppliers within South Australia and Australia wide, thereby ensuring that your clients receive the highest level of service.


We offer the world-class luxury tours in South Australia, including a Kangaroo Island Personalized Tour, Master Chef South Australia Seafood and Wine Experience Tour, Luxury Yacht around South Australia with Huge Samson's Fishing and Master Chef onboard experience.  Tranquil Travel Service also provides the strongest and most experienced service for delegations in mining/exploration, onsite research, as well as conference and trade delegations, association and clubs delegations, government and inbound trade delegations.

About Us 公司简介: Inner_about
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